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This page is here so friends and family can keep track of our progress on our motorcycle trip from Park River, ND to Prescott, Az.

We are going to visit family and attend a MotoGuzzi motorcycle rally.  I am excited because I am going to be able to see my daughters, my grandson Garren and meet my new grandbaby!

The trip will be 2000 miles each way.  We are hoping to make 1500 miles the first day to qualify for an Iron Butt Association Bun Burner 1500 Gold Award, but realizing that is a very ambitious goal we may not achieve that.  One of the limiting factors is that in the rules of the award speeding is not allowed, so we will be staying pretty close to the posted limits for the entire ride.

The plan is to leave from Moorhead Minnesota at about 6AM the morning of the 28th of April, and to arrive in Prescott sometime in the afternoon or evening of the 29th.  It all looks good on paper, but "The best laid plans" and all that.

We will be travelling by motorcycle on a 2008 Moto Guzzi Norge,a wonderful sport touring motorcycle.  My riding buddy CocoPuff, a 3 pound poodle/papillon mix will be riding in the tank bag in front of me.  Just as I do she will have protective gear to keep her warm, a helmet, doggles and motorcycle jacket.

Feel free to give me a ring along the ride and wake me up!  Especially if the GPS shows me wandering all over the highway or going 45mph on the interstate or something, lol.  I will answer whenever I can.  Cell coverage and road noise will be limiting factors, but I will welcome chats along the way.  Feel free to send texts too, but I won't be able to answer those except at rest or gas stops. 

I know it is considered a bad idea to put telephone numbers on a web page, but I want to hear from you all so you can call or text me at my google number, (701) 446-8501 .. if that gets abused by evildoers I will just shut it off. 

You can also email me, or leave messages for "Atavar" on The WildGoose Chase motorcycle forum.

You can click on the link below for a live update of our position.  If all the tech stuff works right it will update every few minutes while we are on the road.  I haven't decided yet if I am bringing a computer, if I do I will update this page occasionally as we go with news and observations. 

Click here to find out where we are right now.

Below is our "proposed" route.  I do not believe in sticking strictly to a plan.  If something looks interesting or if weather intervenes we may deviate from this route wildly.

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